Picked, packed, and shipped.
More than a marketplace, better than a middleman

Purchase Containerized Tile Products From Abroad at a Fraction of the Traditional Cost

Why Buy on Marteu?
Middlemen are Obsolete

They charge you 2x, to 3x, what they’re paying the manufacturer for the same products!

There is no reason why you can’t reap the savings from buying directly from the best manufacturers the globe has to offer.

Other Marketplaces Just Don’t Cut it

These marketplaces only connect buyers and sellers without providing the features that make business more fluid and trustworthy.

It’s hard to find the right manufacturer on these platforms. On marteu, we only work with the best manufacturers in the business and reserve the right to remove manufacturers from our platform that do not perform at a very high level.

Ensure The Safety of Your Investment

We protect all payments on Marteu with escrow to ensure that you only pay for the products and quality that you were promised.

To further ensure that your investment is in good hands, we personally mediate any disputes that come up and help guide any negotiations that happen through our platform. All communication between you and the manufacturer is done through our platform, and is either done through forms or through our team. This means you don’t have to deal with language barriers or manufacturers that simply don’t want to play ball.

Gain Visibility Into The Manufacturing Process

All our manufacturers are expected to keep order statuses updated throughout the production process and provide images whenever applicable.

Furthermore, we provide shipment status and estimated delivery time after your container has left the factory. This gives you the ability to accurately track where your order is at all times.

More Than A Marketplace, Better Than A Middleman

Here’s why you should consider Buying through Marteu

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We are not another B2B Marketplace

We do not simply connect buyers to sellers and leave you to figure out the rest. Marteu acts as the single point of contact between you and sellers in order to:

Mitigate any language barriers
Ensure all transactions proceed as smoothly as possible

We are continuously releasing new features that aim to:

Increase trust between you and your sellers
Make the selling/buying experience easy
Give all parties involved the peace of mind you deserve

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How We Make It Possible

All payments are held in Escrow until final delivery and final inspection. Action cannot be taken on these funds unless both parties agree or a dispute is filed. In order to keep your investment even safer, our team conducts a thorough quality inspection of your order before it leaves the manufacturer's facility. Ensuring any quality issues are taken care of before shipment is paid for. This makes our system the most secure way to purchase directly from manufacturers.

Any negotiation or dispute management is done through the platform or through our customer support team. We act as a fair intermediary keeping the best interest of all parties top of mind.

We charge a fraction of what you would be paying traditionally for our services. Our fee for quality inspection, order management, organizing shipment, and organizing final delivery is 10% of the original purchase price, and will never exceed $2,000. As we grow, our goal is to continuously decrease these costs and make sourcing directly from manufacturers abroad as free as possible.

How it Works

You create your profile and begin building your container from one of the manufacturers on the marketplace.


After building the container with products you want, you submit a purchase order to the manufacturer.

At this point, if the manufacturer can no longer fulfill your order within the previously promised timeframe, then the manufacturer has the opportunity to propose a new time - which you can accept or deny


After the Purchase Order is Approved, you will be prompted to submit payment via Escrow.


After Payment hits Escrow, work will begin on producing the products for your container.

During this stage you will be able to track the order as it moves along various stages of the production cycle.


Once the order is delivered to the port of embarkation, we handle the changes of shipping statuses from there until it reaches the address you specified.


After successful delivery of the container to you, you will have 3 days to inspect the shipment.


After the inspection period ends, or you approves the shipment, the funds are released to you from Escrow.

If the shipment arrives damaged, of bad quality or is otherwise not acceptable, you can deny it. After a quick successful review by our team you will receive a refund from the Escrow account

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