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The future of online selling in the tile industry

Increase Container Volume Sales and Grow Your International Brand With Marteu

Why Sell on Marteu?
Middlemen are Obsolete

They resell your products at 2x, sometimes 3x the original price you charged them.

These price hikes demonstrate an opportunity for you to sell directly to buyers at a lower price that ensures more volume sales.

Other Marketplaces Just Don’t Cut it

These marketplaces only connect buyers and sellers without providing the features that make business more fluid and trustworthy.

They charge you for selling, they don’t help you work out problems with buyers, and worst of all… they do little to help you actually sell!

Sell Through Your Own Brand

Your products are great and people are paying a handsome price for them. Why let someone else put their name on the box and sell it as their own?

Selling through Marteu means buyers will no longer associate your products with someone else. Instead, the quality and craftsmanship of your products will work to benefit your own brand name.

Take Control of Your Future

We know the age of the middleman is ending, it’s only a matter of time. We know Buyers have a hard time trusting manufacturers on other marketplaces.

Marteu is the perfect medium between middleman and marketplace. Through features like escrow payment and conflict resolution we provide what other marketplaces do not. This enables us to give you the power to set your own prices and build your own future.

The Future Of Online Selling In The Tile Industry

Here’s why you should consider Selling Through Marteu

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We are not another B2B Marketplace

We do not simply connect buyers to sellers and leave you to figure out the rest. Marteu acts as the single point of contact between you and buyers in order to:

Mitigate any language barriers
Mediate any disputes
Ensure all transactions proceed as smoothly as possible

We are continuously releasing new features that aim to:

Increase trust between you and your buyers
Make the selling/buying experience easy
Give all parties involved the peace of mind you deserve

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How We Make It Possible

All Payments are held in Escrow until completion of the delivery and final inspection. This brings an element of trust to your buyers that was previously only delivered by middlemen

Any negotiation or dispute management is done through the platform or through our customer support team. We act as a fair intermediary keeping both your best interests, and those of your buyers, top of mind

You set your own prices for your products

We charge you, the manufacturer, nothing for these services

How it Works

You create your profile and upload your products to the marketplace.


Wait for your profile to be approved.

Our team will review your profile and product information and may be in touch with you to receive all the necessary information in order to approve your profile


Buyers submit Purchase Orders for your approval.

If you can no longer deliver the product within the time constraint you previously set, then you are able to propose a new time at this stage


After the Purchase Order is Approved, the buyer submits their payment.


After Payment hits Escrow you can begin work on your new order.

During this stage you move the order through status changes that communicate to your buyer the progress being made on their order


Once the order is delivered to the port of embarkation, we handle the changes of shipping statuses from there.


After successful delivery of the container to the buyer, they have 3 days to inspect the shipment.


After the inspection period ends, or the buyer approves the shipment, the funds are released to you from Escrow.

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